Thursday, July 7, 2011

Candid Pictures of Hot Women

There’s nothing hotter for me than a woman that is dressed sexy on the street that walks past you when you’re not expecting it. Unlike the famous celebrity chicks that are in movies and magazines (that I most likely will never have a chance to talk to), these hot babes are within reach to get hit on. That’s why my philosophy has always been about caring for what’s within reach, and not about things that will never happen. So today I wanted to display some quality T&A pictures of regular women from the street.  I found these pictures on some other websites btw.  Sure most likely these women will reject a couch potato like you or they might have a bad-ass boyfriend that will kick your ass, but in the end what’s most important is that after being shut-down you’ll always have someone to run to that will never reject you; internet porn.

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