Monday, August 22, 2016

Funko Pop! Batman Vinyl Figure

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

“Open your eyes.  Open your eyes.  Wake up Link.”

And that was the trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.  It was so amazing!  The art style was beautiful and colourful, the game mechanics (puzzles) looked fun and innovative, and the music was magnificent.  I literally had goose bumps watching it all, as it wasn’t just a new Zelda game, but it also was a true Zelda game; bringing back all the familiar elements that I love in a Zelda game.
I must confess that I stopped watching Nintendo’s Treehouse after the extended Pok√©mon digression, because I didn’t want to see anymore spoilers.  I just watched enough to confirm that Link would be the main protagonist (a male hero), and that he wouldn`t have a voice.  I`m so happy that the same Hero that I played with many years ago, is still the same person.  Besides the trailer, I also saw the amiibo video and I have to say they looked awesome; Nintendo please take my money.  With this Zelda updated, I am now super excited for when the game finally releases.

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Josh Donaldson Blue Jays Bobblehead

The first time I heard Josh Donaldson was coming to the Blue Jays I was shocked and angry because we had traded Brett Lawrie to get him.  Lawrie wasn’t amazing, but he played with a lot of heart and was a fan favourite.  Funny enough, it only took a few games of watching Donaldson for me to forget about Lawrie, and think that the Jays had gotten away with a steal of a trade.  Donaldson wasn’t only better he was flawless at third base by not letting any ball get past him, and was one of the top hitters in the league.  By mid-summer if you went to a game, you were shouting MVP every time Donaldson went up to bat.
Thankfully the league recognized his greatness by awarding him the 2015 American League MVP award.  His stats were as followed: .297 average, 41 home runs, 123 RBI’s, and he led his team to become A.L. east division champions.  The significance of which was an end to a 22 year drought since the last time the Blue Jays had reached the playoffs; Josh Donaldson truly was the bringer of rain.
Donaldson’s first Blue Jays bobblehead was given out on April 24th, 2016.  Although 20,000 were given away at Roger’s Centre, you could still purchase one a few days later at Pizza Nova locations.  I personally find the bobblehead pose boring, and would have preferred a more exciting and unique pose; but since it was celebrating Donaldson’s MVP award, I guess displaying the award plaque and silver bat required a more traditional pose.  Once you actually look at the bobblehead you will notice how many details are actually in it, and can really appreciate it.  Although it’s not the most interesting bobblehead, it’s still a great start for what I’m sure will be many to come from the Bringer of Rain with the Blue Jays.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Star Fox: Fox McCloud Toy

Star Fox was created by Shigeru Miyamoto.  Like most of his games, it was influenced by Miyamoto’s own life experience.  Ever since he was a child he would visit Fushimi Inari Taisha, a shrine that follows a trail made up of torii (arches), and that is filled with fox sculptures.  That shrine inspired him to make a game with a fox protagonist hero, and thanks to the Super FX chip, Miyamoto could also create arches and gates in which a player could fly through in a 3D world.
Another element from Miyamoto’s childhood that heavily inspired the look of Star Fox was Miyamoto’s adoration for the 1960’s TV show, the Thunderbirds; a science-fiction TV show that featured marionette puppets as the main characters.  Just by looking at the cover of the first Star Fox game, you can observe Fox McCloud as a marionette puppet.  Ever since then, Nintendo has continued with this puppetry art style for the franchise, rather than going for realism (even using puppets in their E3 2015 digital event).
I’m glad that Nintendo has kept this unique art style for their characters, because Jakks Pacific released a Fox McCloud toy figure in this style.  The toy is well made with lots of articulation and a clean paint job.  Although I would have preferred articulation that was a little more practical, in being able to move his head up and down, it’s still a nice figure.  A bonus of this World of Nintendo toy line is the mystery accessory which includes Fox’s Arwing.  Jakks Pacific has made another excellent Nintendo toy and I hope to see other Star Fox characters from them.
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