Thursday, November 23, 2017

Black Friday 2017 2DS Zelda Ocarina of Time

I had to do a quick unboxing of my 2DS The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time bundle.  This is a Black Friday release from Nintendo, but I couldn’t wait to open this bundle up today.  Besides the Nintendo 2DS console, it also includes a copy of Ocarina of Time, a manual, AR Cards, and a charger.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Toronto Retro Video Game Stores

A few years ago I made a list of Toronto toy stores, which I hope some people found helpful.  I am now making a list of Toronto retro video game stores (in no particular order).  This list should be helpful for anyone visiting the city, or who lives here and would like to know where other stores are located. This is a working project so the list should be updated from time to time. If you would like a store to be included please do not hesitate to pm me.

Please note:  I didn’t want to publish this list because I like to hunt games and would hate to lose a game because I made public the locations I go to.  However I’d rather have these stores flourish with customers, than have then shutdown because of lack of business.  And as for prices, please remember that it’s part of any collecting culture; so you can either negotiate on a good price or be patient looking elsewhere.

Friday, November 3, 2017

How to Remove a Sticker or Label from a Video Game Box

Unfortunately one of my burdens as a collector is that I like my collectables to be in pristine condition.  So when I first started collecting complete in box video games I noticed that finding near mint games was very expensive and difficult to find.  And so I had to settle for whatever I could find in my price range, which usually meant games in fair condition that required only a little cleaning to be considered satisfactory.  While most games and boxes could be cleaned with a wet cloth and a magic eraser, I found removing stickers or labels from a box was difficult.
Thankfully after doing a little research I found a solution that worked for me.  The method I use requires some lighter fluid and a Q-tip or cotton swab or cotton ball.  All you do is wet the Q-tip with the lighter fluid liquid and moisten the label; then gently peel back the label.  I do caution anyone from doing this especially children because the lighter fluid can irritate your skin and dry it as well.  I would also advise you to practice this method on a label/box that you don’t care about first before you do it on an important box.  If done correctly you should be able to remove an old sticker/label without much residue left over.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Lucky Charms Super Mario Edition Cereal

How kick-ass would it be if one day Lucky Charms worked with Nintendo to release a special edition version of Super Mario Lucky Charms; where all the marshmallows were Super Mario items and characters. Saturday morning gaming would never be the same!

Lucky Charms: