Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Chicano Mix Popcorn

This past weekend I accidently dropped some of my caramel popcorn into my jalapeno popcorn and I spectacularly created Chicano Mix Popcorn (Chicano is a term sometimes used to describe Mexican Americans from Chicago).  If you like Chicago Mix popcorn, you should take it up to the next level by creating this dulce and spicy snack.  Caramel popcorn + Jalapeno popcorn = Chicano Mix Popcorn

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I really hope Superman dies in the new Batman vs. Superman movie.  It’s not to say I hate Superman, rather I want to see the myth of Superman reach a whole other level.  (Spoiler Alert)

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Real Super Mario Piranha Plant

Today at Canada Blooms I bought a piranha plant which in real life is called a Venus flytrap.  Since I recently bought a cool Super Mario toy figure, I decided to take some pictures.  I first became interested in the Venus flytrap after watching the 1986 movie Little Shop of Horrors; where a Venus flytrap in a flower shop keeps feeding and growing with an insatiable hunger.  When I heard that this plant was carnivorous and I could feed it meat, I wanted one.  A few years later my Dad bought me a real plant and told me to be careful because this plant would grow to an enormous size and then want to eat me alive.  I was young so of course I believed him, lol. Unfortunately or maybe I should say thankfully the plant never grew because they only last a few days.
Venus flytrap Wiki:

Top Favorite: Flower

Today I went to Canada Blooms, an exhibition that celebrates gardens and flowers.  I love going to these festivals because it gets me excited for summer.  I was able to buy my favorite flower as well, the Freesia flower.  Not only is this flower bright and colorful but it also smells sweet and delicious like fruit Mentos candy.
Canada Blooms:
Freesia Wiki: