Sunday, October 27, 2013

Congratulations Randy Orton... Again!

Congratulations Randy Orton on winning the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell 2013.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Transformers New Era Cap Bot

This toy is a collaboration between New Era brand and Takara Tomy.  New Era is a company that specializes in making baseball hats, while Takara Tomy is a Japanese toy company that makes transformers.  I’m a fan of both, so I obviously had to buy this toy when it was released. This toy released in late 2012, or early 2013; depending on where you lived.  Two versions of these cap bots were released; Autobot and Decepticon.
I have the red Autobot version which is called Captimus Prime.  He is modelled after a similar transformers hat (fitted) that was released by New Era a few years ago.  In hat-mode the colorway is red, with a blue brim, and a white/red Autobot logo on the front and back.  When New Era hats are new they come with a sticker on the brim, and Takara Tomy paid attention to details by also adding this sticker as well.
To transformer Capatimus Prime all you need to do is press on the top button of the hat and he pops out into form.   From there you just turn some pieces around and he is ready to stand in robot mode.  Robot mode is very cool because he is also wearing a hat.  My only issue with this toy is transforming Capatimus Prime back to cap mode; he just seems a little loose on certain corners and edges.  Other than that this is another excellent collaboration toy from Takara Tomy, and I hope they keep doing this with other companies.  (I would suggest a Takara Tomy and G-Shock collaboration)
Takara Tomy:

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Returning to Yahoo email classic…

Okay I friggin hate yahoo.   The main website is full of garbage news and celebrity articles I don’t care about.  However I keep using yahoo because of their e-mail.  It’s probably not the best email you can use, but I like it because I’ve always used it.  But suddenly this week yahoo enforced a mandatory upgrade to its email that totally sucked.  It’s more complicated and requires you to learn new ways to waste more time online.  I don’t have time for new upgrades so after a while I figured out how to go back to a yahoo classic look.  Though it’s not perfect, it’s better than the current trash they upgraded us to.

1. Click on the mail options at the top right hand corner (near the clock wheel symbol)

2.  You then enter settings, and on the left, click on viewing e-mail

3.  Next to mail version, click on Basic, and then save

Sunday, October 13, 2013

New Era Blue Jays Fitted

Here is the classic version of the Toronto Blue Jays hat I grew up looking at.  I consider this the home version, because it has a white front face.  Speaking of which, it would be nice if teams went back to home and away versions of hats, and not just one style.  I bought this hat at SVP Sports in Toronto, a store that offers Jays hats at incredible prices.  This retro version was made the same way modern on-field hats are made, with polyester material and a black underbrim.  Besides the retro Jays logo, I also like that the MLB logo was kept with the traditional colorway.
Brand: New Era
Team: Toronto Blue Jays
Style: 59Fifty, Fitted, Official On-Field Cap
Additional: 100% Polyester, Made in China, Retro Blue Jays logo

Monday, October 7, 2013

My Favorite: Bubble Tea

My favorite bubble tea flavour is green apple slush with tapioca