Sunday, May 25, 2014

Toronto Blue Jays Promotional Replica Jersey 2014: Encarnacion and Bautista

Here’s my promotional replica Blue Jays jersey of Edwin Encarnacion and José Bautista.  20,000 of these replica jerseys were given out at Rogers Centre on Sunday, May 25th, 2014.  As the days are getting hotter, and the Jays are playing better the hype around this team is growing. I say this because by the time I got to the SkyDome (an hour before gates open) there was already a huge lineup.  Needles to say, people wanted this jersey.  The only problem was the Jays staff and Twitter were reluctant to give out details about the jersey.  As a result many people were disappointed to find out that the jerseys came in a size XL, and that you weren’t allowed to choose a player’s jersey.  This caused a lot of people to be disappointed and wanting to trade jerseys (usually for a Bautista).  Fortunately I wear XL, and I was able to grab a jersey of each player.
The actual quality of the jersey isn’t as great as a Majestic brand replica jersey.  The polyester material is lighter, the stitching can easily come apart, and the name/number/logo is heat pressed.  With regular use (let alone heavy use), the jersey is bound to come loose and the name/number/logo to rub off.  Yet considering all those issues, the jersey is still nice to have because it is a collectable that you could only get coming to a game.  For me this means that even if years from now the jersey looks like it survived a nuclear blast, I will still be proud to wear a part of Blue Jays history (the same way people still hold on to 92’93’ t-shirts).

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

George Condo Ballerina Painting

Here’s my reproduction of a George Condo painting of a ballerina.  The original was commissioned by Kanye West for his album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.  The album was pretty good, but what I liked about it the most was how it introduced me to George Condo.  That’s what I like about Kanye, how he’s able to bring together different art forms into his albums.  Who taught you about Condo, Murakami and KAWS?  Yeezy did.
I did the painting on a 5x7 canvas, which allowed me to complete it fairly quickly (the drying process was the only thing that held me back).  What I like the most about this painting is the contrast colours between the turquoise background and the black and pink ballerina.  These colours plus the ballerina make for an elegant theme.  The only part I found awkward was the ballerina’s face because it seems as though Condo gave the ballerina a mustache.  I tried to recreate that as well, but kept my colour subtle to avoid it being a distraction.  With this decision I’m pretty satisfied with the end result.

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

José Bautista MLB 13 The Show Painting

Here’s my José Bautista painting from the MLB 13 The Show commercial.  When I first saw it I knew I had to reproduce it myself.  Unfortunately I procrastinated more than a year and didn’t get a chance to complete it until today.  The painting was fun to do, with its bright colors and comical theme.  In my opinion this painting is so ridiculously ugly, it’s good enough to belong in a museum (the museum of bad art, lol).  “Ese dibujo esta bien feo”
MLB 13 The Show Commercial:
The Museum of Bad Art:

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Simpsons Lego Minifigures Code Cheat

Here’s my decoder cheat for figuring out which Lego Simpsons character is in each blind bag from the Lego 71005 series.  You basically want to feel around for each of the pieces memtioned below to get the character you want.  Good Luck!
Lego Homer Simpson:  Look for a rectangular shape that is hollow (which is the remote), then for a small square piece which is the donut.
Lego Bart Simpson: Look for a barbell shape which is the skateboard wheels, then feel for Bart’s spiky hair.
Lego Marge Simpson:  Look for Marge’s hair which should feel like a long raspberry.
Lego Lisa Simpson:  Look for her saxophone, then her spiky hair.
Lego Maggie Simpson:  She doesn’t have legs, so look for a character without legs, then for her spiky hair and her teddy bear.
Lego Abe Simpson: Look for a square piece (his newspaper), and then for legs that bend.
Lego Chief Wiggum:  Look for a head with a large flat head (his hat), then for a pole (his baton), and then for his megaphone.
Lego Ralph Wiggum:  Look for a square piece (his Valentine’s card), then for legs that don’t bend, and for a smooth head.
Lego Itchy:  Look a crunchy cheeto like piece (his club).
Lego Scratchy:  Look for a pole with a triangle end, which should be his axe.
Lego Apu:  He should have a smooth cup, without a handle.
Lego Ned Flanders:  Look for a cup with a handle, then a tool box shape piece.
Lego Milhouse:  Look for a square piece (his comic book), then for legs that don’t bend, and a head that isn’t smooth.
Lego Nelson Muntz:  Look for a bat shape pole with ridges near the end, and then legs that don’t bend.
Lego Mr. Burns:  Look for a smooth pole, he’s the only character with a smooth pole.
Lego Krusty the Clown:  Look for a circular piece (his pie), and then for a head with horns (his hair)