Friday, December 21, 2012


Hey guys and ladies.. I'll be on vacation for 2 weeks... have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Club Nintendo Gold Member 2012 Prize Calendar

After becoming a gold member on Club Nintendo this summer, my 2012 prize finally came in the mail.  It is a 2013 Nintendo calendar set.  One calendar features a monthly pull out, and the other calendar is a regular pocket size calendar.  I used to think Club Nintendo was a big scam because you had to spend a lot of money on games and systems to eventually earn a gift.  But then I thought, at least it’s better than nothing.  I also discovered that most of these gifts are also sold on E-bay and if I wanted one so badly I could just go on there and buy one (for much less than having to earn it as a gift).
I think Club Nintendo is basically for people that just love Nintendo, and would have bought the games and systems anyhow.  It’s almost like a way for the company to say hello to the Nintendo enthusiast community, and acknowledge them.  Every time you buy a game you have to fill out a survey about your interests and dislikes, so in a way it’s like they’re listening to us.
It would probably cost a lot of money to improve it and have them give out better gifts, so I think its better the way it is now than having to pay more for games to even out the costs of their gifts.  One could dream of course, and imagine a Club Nintendo where better gifts were really exclusive and limited.  People would compete and try to win them, and knowing how hard you had to work to earn them would make it fun to collect.  But then I think, I already collect limited edition toys and sneakers, and if Nintendo did the same thing too, I would never be able to sleep.  And Nintendo should be the last place I should worry about collecting.  Now that’s the fun part.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nintendo Power Final Issue

Like most people who were waiting for the final issue of Nintendo Power to arrive, I am both sad and happy now that it’s been released.  I’m sad because I used to read it when I was younger and it won’t be around anymore.  I was even a subscriber at one point when the Nintendo 64 had released.  Back in the days when we didn’t have the internet at home, this magazine was where I would read about the up and coming games.  I wasn’t much into school academics at the point, but my parents would buy me the magazine because it was the only thing I liked to read.  I remember a teacher once told me that if I wanted to improve on my reading skills that I should grab something the interests me, and read everything on it.  So in a way, Nintendo Power was more than just a magazine about gaming, it was what initiated a spark in me to want to read, write, and eventually care about what I learned in school.
Now that it’s over, I am also sad because I wanted a younger generation to also experience what I and others felt when we read the magazine.  It wasn’t just about Nintendo games, or news, it was also a magazine for Nintendo fans to come together and show their love for the company.  My favorite part of the magazine was always the letters they would publish from readers.  In a way you got to see the diversity of fans of all ages, countries and cultures.  I also liked it when other people had written about certain issues in a game that I had noticed as well.  It made me feel like I wasn’t the only one.
Despite seeing Nintendo Power go; not all is bad.  I am happy that they went out on top, and were able to release a final issue the way they wanted.  In this issue you get a list of the top Nintendo games NP staff likes, a look back at moments from the magazine, and a poster with a picture of all the covers from past issues.  I like the poster because it brings back a lot of memories of issues I had read, and of games I played.  The cover is also nice because it’s similar to the original first issue.  While it is a sad moment to see this magazine go, I am happy that I was able to be part of the generation who grew up on this magazine.  Nintendo Power!
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