Sunday, December 15, 2013

WWE TLC 2013

Congratulations Randy Orton on winning the unified championship (dumb name), and beating Cena at TLC 2013.

Wow, what a PPV! It probably was one of the best in a long time, mostly because all my favorite wrestlers won.

1. CM Punk vs. The Shield.  I loved that they started this match right off the bat.  Everyone sold it properly, with none of that superhuman strength that Cena always does.  And the finish was awesome with Roman Reigns spearing Ambrose.  Quality match!

2. Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match.  I’m glad that the heels were eliminated first, and that Goldust got to keep his tag team belt with his brother. The match was exciting and Big Show looked better than he did in a long time for me.

3. The Wyatt Family vs Daniel Bryan.  I’m not a fan of Bryan, so I’m glad he lost.  He’s a good wrestler and all, but all his silly antics make me not take him serious.  From the match I loved how creepy and odd Bray Wyatt wrestled.  I hope Bryan will now join the Family.

4.  TLC Unified Champion match.  Okay I never expected Cena to lose clean (despite it being a TLC match) like he did tonight.  I just assumed Cena would be greedy and make Randy lose.  But I am so happy that Orton won, and Cena was left sad.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Congratulations Randy Orton... Again!

Congratulations Randy Orton on retaining the WWE Championship at Survivors Series 2013.

Cena… you pig! Stop hogging all the attention.

Wyatt Family, bravo… you guys did an amazing job.  I never know what to expect from you guys, except brilliance.  Daniel Bryan you suck… but I did love the counter move Luke Harper did on you from the top rope.

Big E Langston… time for you to go after the bigger and badder heels. 

Chicago Blackhawks Jersey

I bought this jersey during the 2013 Stanley Cup playoffs between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Boston Bruins.  I’m a big fan of Chicago sports teams, so in order to cheer for the Blackhawks I went out to buy this jersey.  I wanted a regular jersey, but the sports store I went to was out of those, so instead the manager sold me this version with a player’s name on it for the same price.  I was ecstatic because this version usually sells for more, and also because it’s a captain’s jersey of Jonathan Toews.
This jersey is a Reebok Premier home red colorway jersey.  Premier jerseys are my favorite jerseys because of the price and the quality.  While most of the patches (logo, name, numbers) are only stitched once, it’s still a stitching that can resist heavy use.  I bought this jersey in a large, but I would recommend that if you plan on getting any hockey jersey you better try it on before you buy because they all fit differently.  This is a wonderful jersey that really stands out when you wear it, and I am glad that I finally have one to wear when I cheer for the Blackhawks.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Comic Book Guy and Comic Book Shop

If you`re a fan of Comic Book Guy, then having the Playmates version of him with his comic book shop is a must.  I bought this toy a couple of years ago from e-bay, during a bear market of Simpsons collectables.  Yes, lamentably the popularity of the show has declined over the years leading to many people selling their collectables for whatever they can get for them.  Luckily, I am still a fan of the show (at least the older episodes), which means that I am still collecting the Playmates toy line.
Comic Book Guy was one of the few Simpsons character`s to come with an interactive environment.  His environment is his comic book shop, The Android’s Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop.  It`s pretty detailed with shelves full of items, a comic book rack, and even a display case.  The stickers clearly display colorful drawings, and even manage to have a few jokes as well.  A bonus feature of this interactive environment is its ability to say over 30 phrases, though this requires 3 double AA batteries for it to work.
The actual toy figure of Comic Book Guy (aka Jeff Albertson, aka the Collector) is pretty cool as well.  He`s made out of plastic, just like the rest of the Playmates Simspons toy line (World of Springfield, WoS). The paint job is pretty simply, so you won`t be seeing that many mistakes or runoffs (however my figure does require a little touch up paint in his beard).  If you are planning on displaying him, I recommend you avoid heavy sun exposure because this toy line is prone to discoloration.  Overall this is a wonderful toy to own, and with the current low resell price of this toy line, it’s the perfect time to be a collector.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Starter Windbreakers

I went to Champs Sports today and I noticed that Starter windbreakers are back!  For anyone that doesn’t know, Starter windbreakers were the coolest jackets to have as a kid back in the early 90’s.  They were a must have like a pair of Jordans, or a NES.  The version I saw today was of the Toronto Blue Jays, but with the new logo on the back.  Besides that they seem very true to the original.  Just seeing the Starter logo on the zipper brings me back to those wonderful years when I was a kid.  The retail price of the jacket is $180.

Brazil vs. Chile 2013 Friendly

Well this news came out of nowhere for me, but Brazil will play an international friendly against Chile in Toronto Canada on November 19th 2013.  I heard about this last night, but I didn’t think it was true because I hadn’t seen any news about this game before.  Usually they advertise a big game on TV and in the newspapers but not this time.  I had doubts at first, but then I did a little investigation and found out that indeed Brazil was coming.  I’m still not sure if it’s their A team (superstars; Neymar Jr., Dani Alves, David Luiz, Marcelo, etc), but since it’s an international friendly week by FIFA, it seems possible that those stars are coming.  Either way, I’m still excited and just bought my tickets for the Gillette International Soccer Series game.

Friday, November 8, 2013

New Era Dogear Fitted

I’m dealing with a cold right now, so the only thing I want to do is stay warm in bed.  Unfortunately I still have to go outside, but to make the experience a little less painful I like to wear warm gear.  Of course I have a good jacket and sneakers, but this year I also enhanced my head gear by buying a New Era dogear (dog ears) fitted.  This hat is a winter version of New Era’s 59fifty baseball hat.  It has special flaps on the side with Sherpa lining, and uses polyester material as a water repellant.
I never thought I would buy this hat but as soon as I felt the first cold air outside, I didn’t care what I wore, I just wanted to stay warm.  Overall I am beyond impressed by this hat.  The quality is top notch, especially with the embroidery around the New Era logo and MLB logo on the Sherpa lining.  The functionality is also impressive because once you bring the straps down and connect them around your head; the hat gives you complete coverage and warmth.  This is a model hat I plan to use a lot of this winter, and hope to buy more in the future as well.
Brand: New Era
Team: Toronto Blue Jays
Style: 59Fifty, Fitted, Genuine Merchandise, Dogear
Additional: Made in China, 100% Polyester, Retro Blue Jays logo, New Era logo on the side, Sherpa lining, Dog ears flaps
New Era:

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Era Toronto Blue Jays Fitted

This is my first Blue Jays hat with the new logo.  It features the Jays logo with red, white and blue stripes behind it.  I still haven’t bought an on-field version because I’m waiting until I see a wool version on sale.  For now this hat will have to do considering I bought it on sale, and it's wool.
Brand: New Era
Team: Toronto Blue Jays
Style: 59Fifty, Fitted, Genuine Merchandise
Additional: Made in Vietnam, 100% Wool, New Era logo on the side
New Era:

Friday, November 1, 2013

Nike Air Force 1 Vac Tech Haystack

Although Nike has been devoting a large chunk of their business to retro’s lately, every now and then you do see them come out with innovated designs and technologies.  One of their latest designs is the use of Vac Tech technology to model iconic sneakers.  Although vacuum forming has been used for years on materials such as plastic and wood, this is the first time Nike has used it to mold a sneaker.  The end result is a sneaker that has various curves, and depths, yet is seamless.  The advantage, as I see it for Nike in Vac Tech, is the ability to save on time and money in building sneakers.  Cutting and stitching takes time, while molding can be accomplished with one push of a button.
I bought this pair of Air Force 1’s at an outlet.  While I wasn’t a fan of Vac Tech sneakers at first, this pair impressed me because of the quality.  I also needed a pair of winter boots, so these seemed like they could handle the cold, and still be comfortable.  I have worn them now, and my suspicions were correct, they are very comfortable.  The only negative part about these sneakers, are the straps which I had to remove (it just takes too much time to strap them on in the cold), the lace tips are plastic and not metal, and that the suede can get dirty.  But regardless of those issues, these sneakers look good being worn and seem near impenetrable against the harsh urban winters, which is why I bought them.
Brand: Nike
Name: Air Force 1 Vac Tech Haystacks
Year: 2011
Product Code: 486986700
Additional: Was released as part of a pack consisting of Air Force 1’s, Dunks, and Air Max 90’s
Nike Air Force 1 Wiki:

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Congratulations Randy Orton... Again!

Congratulations Randy Orton on winning the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell 2013.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Transformers New Era Cap Bot

This toy is a collaboration between New Era brand and Takara Tomy.  New Era is a company that specializes in making baseball hats, while Takara Tomy is a Japanese toy company that makes transformers.  I’m a fan of both, so I obviously had to buy this toy when it was released. This toy released in late 2012, or early 2013; depending on where you lived.  Two versions of these cap bots were released; Autobot and Decepticon.
I have the red Autobot version which is called Captimus Prime.  He is modelled after a similar transformers hat (fitted) that was released by New Era a few years ago.  In hat-mode the colorway is red, with a blue brim, and a white/red Autobot logo on the front and back.  When New Era hats are new they come with a sticker on the brim, and Takara Tomy paid attention to details by also adding this sticker as well.
To transformer Capatimus Prime all you need to do is press on the top button of the hat and he pops out into form.   From there you just turn some pieces around and he is ready to stand in robot mode.  Robot mode is very cool because he is also wearing a hat.  My only issue with this toy is transforming Capatimus Prime back to cap mode; he just seems a little loose on certain corners and edges.  Other than that this is another excellent collaboration toy from Takara Tomy, and I hope they keep doing this with other companies.  (I would suggest a Takara Tomy and G-Shock collaboration)
Takara Tomy: