Friday, November 1, 2013

Nike Air Force 1 Vac Tech Haystack

Although Nike has been devoting a large chunk of their business to retro’s lately, every now and then you do see them come out with innovated designs and technologies.  One of their latest designs is the use of Vac Tech technology to model iconic sneakers.  Although vacuum forming has been used for years on materials such as plastic and wood, this is the first time Nike has used it to mold a sneaker.  The end result is a sneaker that has various curves, and depths, yet is seamless.  The advantage, as I see it for Nike in Vac Tech, is the ability to save on time and money in building sneakers.  Cutting and stitching takes time, while molding can be accomplished with one push of a button.
I bought this pair of Air Force 1’s at an outlet.  While I wasn’t a fan of Vac Tech sneakers at first, this pair impressed me because of the quality.  I also needed a pair of winter boots, so these seemed like they could handle the cold, and still be comfortable.  I have worn them now, and my suspicions were correct, they are very comfortable.  The only negative part about these sneakers, are the straps which I had to remove (it just takes too much time to strap them on in the cold), the lace tips are plastic and not metal, and that the suede can get dirty.  But regardless of those issues, these sneakers look good being worn and seem near impenetrable against the harsh urban winters, which is why I bought them.
Brand: Nike
Name: Air Force 1 Vac Tech Haystacks
Year: 2011
Product Code: 486986700
Additional: Was released as part of a pack consisting of Air Force 1’s, Dunks, and Air Max 90’s
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