Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Writing a book

Been busy lately trying to write a book.  Hopefully nothing will distract me from finishing...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

3DS vs. PS Vita

I bought the 3DS earlier this year because my DS had broken, and because I really wanted to play Mario 3D land.  Despite being a new handheld system from Nintendo, the 3DS feels like the DS.  The only improvements are the graphics, a sturdier frame, the position of certain buttons, and of course the option to play in 3D.   I will now go through each one of these details at a time.  Nobody buys a Nintendo expecting to get the most advanced graphics on the market, instead Nintendo focuses their attention on game play and innovated ways of playing a video game.  The result of this are games that require you to talk, blow, close the DS to transfer an image, take pictures, poke with your fingers, and to move around because of motion sensing capabilities.  I find these things to be fun because it gives me a more interactive experience than just button mashing.  The drawback of not having better graphics are that the majority of games are more cartoon like than reality based, which can occasionally leave me with the unfulfilled desire to play mature rated games.  Another drawback is that, since the graphics can only do so much, a lot of 3DS games will omit scenes that are included in other multi-system games.  Impressive cut scenes are the first to go.
The size of the 3DS is perfect for someone like me; an adult that takes the subway.  It’s small enough to fit in my coat pocket, light enough not to be a bother with weight, and when you unfold it the screens are big enough to see everything clearly.  The new frame is built stronger, and will not break as easily as the DS.  The button placements are a little bothersome because I would have preferred the home and power buttons in a location that wasn’t in the way.  The joystick is very responsive, and its design makes it comfortable to use; however you can develop a cramp after long term use of game play (which is normal with any handheld).  The 3DS allows you to adjust the intensity of the 3D graphics.  I like this feature because you will eventually stop using this technology along the way.   The 3D works well, but you just have to be facing the screen at a certain angel for it to work best.  So if you’re on the move, you really can’t use it.  I hope their next-gen handheld includes this feature because it’s useful in certain games that require depth perception.
I bought the PS Vita in the Fall because I was only interested in playing Uncharted.  The most troublesome issue with the Vita is the price.  Starting at $250, plus having to buy a memory card, carry bag, and games will prevent a lot of people from buying one.  I wouldn’t call it expensive compared to an iTouch, but the system is just not established enough in terms of games and applications for people to make that investment.  Unlike the PSP, the PS Vita is a much more advance system, and not just an update.  The handheld is bigger and more interactive, the screen is bigger, and the graphics are much more superior.  The drawbacks for the Vita are that its size makes it a hassle for anyone that is travelling.  It doesn’t fit in your pocket, so it’s best to bring along a backpack to carry it.  I also didn’t like how much time I had to wait for games to load.
Despite all these issues, the best selling point of the Vita are the graphics.  I was amazed beyond belief when I turned it on and saw the same quality graphics of the PS3 on my PS Vita.  They are simply stunning.  The superiority of better graphics means that little to nothing will be omitted from a PS Vita game compared to a PS3 game.  This impressed me the most in MLB 2012 the Show, when every part of the baseball game was shown, from pitching and batting, to fielding and physical features (you can recognize a player easily).  This also leads to a more engaging experience, because it makes you feel like you’re part of the game and not just a button masher.  Games like this is what I think makes the PS Vita worth every dime, because having such in-depth control will finally allow you to devote your time and skills to a video game that is worth investing your time.
Sony PS Vita:

Friday, November 9, 2012

Toronto Blue Jays New Era Hat

I’m not much of a fitted hat collector but when I saw this hat online I knew I had to get it.  It is the Toronto Blue Jays 1992 World Series retro hat from New Era.  It features a World Series patch on the left side.  The brim is grey, the side panels are blue, and the front is white and features the Blue Jays logo from the early 90’s.  I used to own so many versions of this hat when I was a kid.  My favorite part of this hat is the World Series patch, which uses gold thread.
Everything about this hat is perfect but there are some issues I can nitpick about.  I would have preferred it if it was made out of wool instead of polyester, if it was made in the USA instead of China, and if the MLB logo featured some red highlights.  But honestly, those issues don’t really bother me because this is still an excellent hat regardless.  New Era has always impressed me with the quality of their hats.  While they can be very expensive, in the long run they’ll last you a long time and take a beating which makes it worth the money.
This is a must have hat if you grew up in this city and still remember the good old days.  Just mentioning names like Cito, Robbie, Carter and other members of that team brings goose bumps to me.  The blue is so vibrant you can wear it with any casual outfit like a grey or black sweater, and jeans.  I plan to wear mine when it’s colder outside because of how hot these hats can get.  This is a very awesome hat and I’m very happy I bought it.
Brand: New Era
Team: Toronto Blue Jays
Style:  59Fifty, Fitted, MLB Retro World Series Patch 59FIFTY Cap, Cooperstown Collection
Additional: Made in China, Cotton Mid and Rear, Polyester Front , Retro Blue Jays logo

Toronto Blue Jays 1992 Wiki:

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cleaning A New Era Fitted Hat

After years of wearing my Yankees New Era fitted hat I finally decided to wash it.  The truth is I was just going to buy a new one because I wasn’t interested in washing my dirty hat.  But then I went online and looked at the prices for new hats and was convinced that paying $39.99 (Canadian retail) for a new hat wasn’t worth it when all I had to do was clean my hat.  Another reason I also passed on buying a new hat was because I couldn’t find one similar to the one I have, that’s made out of wool with a grey brim.  The majority of newer releases are made out of polyester, feature the same colour under brim as the hat, and are made in China (my hat was made in the USA).
I went online to find out how to clean my hat because I was a little cautious of just throwing it in the washing machine.  The best methods of cleaning a hat I found were either paying a lot of money for an official New Era hat cleaning kit, or just using a towel with some detergent and water.  Needless to say, I passed on getting the cleaning kit and used the towel method instead.  I also tried cleaning my hat with a tooth brush, masking tape, and a magic eraser.  However all these methods weren’t very effective because they either didn’t clean, were too rough and could damage the material, or took way to long.  I then felt that the only method left for me was using the washing machine.
I hesitated using it before because in the past it has ruined other hats and clothing.  This time I took precautions and placed my hat in a mesh bag to protect the brim, which worked perfectly.  After I washed my hat it came out looking like Kirstie Alley had sat on it, but that was only short lived because I placed a bag with a sweater inside of it and was able to restore the shape of the hat.  I then let it air dry for a couple of days, and when I looked at it again the outside looked flawless and new.  The inside was a different story because the headband was still yellow, and the Buckram threads were a little out of place.  Other than that the shape was as good as new, it smelled wonderful, and it didn’t shrink (since it had already shrunk from normal use).  I would recommend washing your New Era hat in a washing machine using cold water because it is very effective but should only be used as a last resort because it can damage some areas of the hat.
New Era:

Sunday, November 4, 2012

G.I. Joe Retaliation

Okay so I just saw the new updated version of the trailer for G.I. Joe Retaliation on IMDB.  My understanding was that it was delayed because the test audience thought the death of Duke was terrible.  So I figured they were going to re-film it with Duke in it.  Now I see the trailer, and Duke is still AWOL.  The first movie was okay, it grew on me, and I didn’t judge it too harshly because it was an establishing movie in this franchise.  But then I see the Rock in the second movie replacing Channing Tatum and that ruins the franchise for me.  The Rock makes terrible corny movies, and knowing he’s in G.I. Joe makes me think this movie will also suck.  Channing Tatum probably wasn’t my first choice to play Duke, but since he was chosen to play him, I figure let the man be Duke.  If Paramount put as much TLC into making G.I. Joe as it did making the Avengers (B-listed super heroes), they would surely have a much bigger payoff.