Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Retro Star Wars T-Shirt

Today’s big news was that Disney bought Lucasfilm Ltd.  This means that they’ll now have the chance to create another Star Wars film and continue the legacy.  Personally Episodes IV-VI were classics, and I have eventually come to love Episodes I-III as well.  They’re an acquired taste, but they are good.  So I might be in the minority of thinking this was a good thing, so I can’t wait to eventually re-live the experience of another film and all the hype the surrounds it.  Mid-night releases, toys, advertising on buses and buildings, and fast food collector cups.  Today’s t-shirt is a retro Star Wars t-shirt I bought from Old Navy, it has this worn and faded look to it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


This toy is wicked!  It’s like one of those essential toys that every kid had to have in their collection.  I used to own a red version, so when I saw it again in a store I had to get the red version.  What peaked my interest in getting it was a graphic novel I read a few years ago, where the main character collected the reels.  The View-Master is best used when you’re going to be in the washroom a while, and you need something to do.  This thing can blow your mind with its 3D effects.  My only set back to this toy is how expensive the reels are.  But that’s not too much of a concern because I plan to buy them second-hand.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Nike Air Force 1 Mid Tuskegee

I bought these Air Force 1’s back in February of 2005.  I remember the date because Valentine’s Day had just passed by and I was broke from buying gifts for my girlfriend at the time.  Imagine having to pass by the sneaker store and hope that the sneakers you want don’t get sold?  Well that was the dilemma I was dealing with.  Fortunately for me, the Tuskegee AF1’s weren’t very popular back then, and I was able to buy them a few months later.
The Tuskegee AF1’s are named in tribute to the Tuskegee Airmen, a group of black army pilots from WWII.  The sneaker takes inspiration from the fighter planes the airmen flew, the P-51C mustang.  What made me interested in this sneaker was its similarities to the Air Jordan V.  More specifically the V’s have the same shark teeth effect on the side midsole.  The Tuskegee AF1’s take it up a notch by also adding the shark’s eye, and other air force symbols on the side panel and insole.
The sneaker is a majority colorway of khaki and midnight navy (navy blue for me).  I bought them in a 9.5 because they fit really big (I’m usually a 10.5 in Jordans).  They come with khaki color laces, and an extra pair of navy blue laces are included in a baggy.  Not a lot of people are fans of Mids, but I like them and adding a navy blue swoosh to the strap really makes it stand out nicely.  This sneakers was perfectly executed by Nike, and buying it wasn’t a hassle; it goes to show you that a sneaker doesn’t have to be super hyped or limited for it to be beautiful.
Tuskegee Airmen Wiki:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Death of Opie

How shocking and brutal was the death of Opie?  Episode 3 of Season 5 of Sons of Anarchy just blew my mind.  Opie was my favorite character on the show.  He was as real as they got.  He was genuine, honest, intimidating, loveable, and most of all was faithful to the club.  But as they say, you live by the code, and you die by the code.  Why is it that every character on the show who believes in those words usually is the one that gets burned the most?  Honestly think of Opie, Otto, Piney, and JT.  Crime has no place for men of honour.

I really didn’t want to see Opie die.  I especially didn’t like the way he died.  It made me want to see the SONS get revenge on all the guys that killed him.  But then the show took a brilliant turn in my opinion.  It made Jax a business man, a man who didn’t let emotions influence his opinion.  He started talking with Damon Pope (a brilliant actor from OZ), and you could start to see the new level of storytelling the writers from the show were achieving.  Season 5 is about thinking, emotions, and survival.  Something that I haven’t seen since OZ, and The Wire.  So despite having Opie die, it wasn’t in vain, and the show will keep getting better and more groundbreaking.