Monday, November 18, 2013

Comic Book Guy and Comic Book Shop

If you`re a fan of Comic Book Guy, then having the Playmates version of him with his comic book shop is a must.  I bought this toy a couple of years ago from e-bay, during a bear market of Simpsons collectables.  Yes, lamentably the popularity of the show has declined over the years leading to many people selling their collectables for whatever they can get for them.  Luckily, I am still a fan of the show (at least the older episodes), which means that I am still collecting the Playmates toy line.
Comic Book Guy was one of the few Simpsons character`s to come with an interactive environment.  His environment is his comic book shop, The Android’s Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop.  It`s pretty detailed with shelves full of items, a comic book rack, and even a display case.  The stickers clearly display colorful drawings, and even manage to have a few jokes as well.  A bonus feature of this interactive environment is its ability to say over 30 phrases, though this requires 3 double AA batteries for it to work.
The actual toy figure of Comic Book Guy (aka Jeff Albertson, aka the Collector) is pretty cool as well.  He`s made out of plastic, just like the rest of the Playmates Simspons toy line (World of Springfield, WoS). The paint job is pretty simply, so you won`t be seeing that many mistakes or runoffs (however my figure does require a little touch up paint in his beard).  If you are planning on displaying him, I recommend you avoid heavy sun exposure because this toy line is prone to discoloration.  Overall this is a wonderful toy to own, and with the current low resell price of this toy line, it’s the perfect time to be a collector.

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