Sunday, November 24, 2013

Chicago Blackhawks Jersey

I bought this jersey during the 2013 Stanley Cup playoffs between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Boston Bruins.  I’m a big fan of Chicago sports teams, so in order to cheer for the Blackhawks I went out to buy this jersey.  I wanted a regular jersey, but the sports store I went to was out of those, so instead the manager sold me this version with a player’s name on it for the same price.  I was ecstatic because this version usually sells for more, and also because it’s a captain’s jersey of Jonathan Toews.
This jersey is a Reebok Premier home red colorway jersey.  Premier jerseys are my favorite jerseys because of the price and the quality.  While most of the patches (logo, name, numbers) are only stitched once, it’s still a stitching that can resist heavy use.  I bought this jersey in a large, but I would recommend that if you plan on getting any hockey jersey you better try it on before you buy because they all fit differently.  This is a wonderful jersey that really stands out when you wear it, and I am glad that I finally have one to wear when I cheer for the Blackhawks.

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