Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nintendo Power Final Issue

Like most people who were waiting for the final issue of Nintendo Power to arrive, I am both sad and happy now that it’s been released.  I’m sad because I used to read it when I was younger and it won’t be around anymore.  I was even a subscriber at one point when the Nintendo 64 had released.  Back in the days when we didn’t have the internet at home, this magazine was where I would read about the up and coming games.  I wasn’t much into school academics at the point, but my parents would buy me the magazine because it was the only thing I liked to read.  I remember a teacher once told me that if I wanted to improve on my reading skills that I should grab something the interests me, and read everything on it.  So in a way, Nintendo Power was more than just a magazine about gaming, it was what initiated a spark in me to want to read, write, and eventually care about what I learned in school.
Now that it’s over, I am also sad because I wanted a younger generation to also experience what I and others felt when we read the magazine.  It wasn’t just about Nintendo games, or news, it was also a magazine for Nintendo fans to come together and show their love for the company.  My favorite part of the magazine was always the letters they would publish from readers.  In a way you got to see the diversity of fans of all ages, countries and cultures.  I also liked it when other people had written about certain issues in a game that I had noticed as well.  It made me feel like I wasn’t the only one.
Despite seeing Nintendo Power go; not all is bad.  I am happy that they went out on top, and were able to release a final issue the way they wanted.  In this issue you get a list of the top Nintendo games NP staff likes, a look back at moments from the magazine, and a poster with a picture of all the covers from past issues.  I like the poster because it brings back a lot of memories of issues I had read, and of games I played.  The cover is also nice because it’s similar to the original first issue.  While it is a sad moment to see this magazine go, I am happy that I was able to be part of the generation who grew up on this magazine.  Nintendo Power!
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