Wednesday, May 21, 2014

George Condo Ballerina Painting

Here’s my reproduction of a George Condo painting of a ballerina.  The original was commissioned by Kanye West for his album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.  The album was pretty good, but what I liked about it the most was how it introduced me to George Condo.  That’s what I like about Kanye, how he’s able to bring together different art forms into his albums.  Who taught you about Condo, Murakami and KAWS?  Yeezy did.
I did the painting on a 5x7 canvas, which allowed me to complete it fairly quickly (the drying process was the only thing that held me back).  What I like the most about this painting is the contrast colours between the turquoise background and the black and pink ballerina.  These colours plus the ballerina make for an elegant theme.  The only part I found awkward was the ballerina’s face because it seems as though Condo gave the ballerina a mustache.  I tried to recreate that as well, but kept my colour subtle to avoid it being a distraction.  With this decision I’m pretty satisfied with the end result.

George Condo Wiki:


  1. that's beautiful! would you sell the painting?

    1. Glad you liked it. Sorry I can't sell it. :-(


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