Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Returning to Yahoo email classic…

Okay I friggin hate yahoo.   The main website is full of garbage news and celebrity articles I don’t care about.  However I keep using yahoo because of their e-mail.  It’s probably not the best email you can use, but I like it because I’ve always used it.  But suddenly this week yahoo enforced a mandatory upgrade to its email that totally sucked.  It’s more complicated and requires you to learn new ways to waste more time online.  I don’t have time for new upgrades so after a while I figured out how to go back to a yahoo classic look.  Though it’s not perfect, it’s better than the current trash they upgraded us to.

1. Click on the mail options at the top right hand corner (near the clock wheel symbol)

2.  You then enter settings, and on the left, click on viewing e-mail

3.  Next to mail version, click on Basic, and then save

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