Thursday, March 17, 2016

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I really hope Superman dies in the new Batman vs. Superman movie.  It’s not to say I hate Superman, rather I want to see the myth of Superman reach a whole other level.  (Spoiler Alert)

For me, Superman is the greatest superhero ever.  Not only is he powerful, but he’s also humble, kind and noble.  Yet unfortunately, due to mediocre movies his popularity has waned when compared to Batman.  And while Superman did lose to Batman in The Dark Knight Returns comic, Batman also needed help to defeat him.  In a fair battle where Superman is alert, is infallible, and is at his strongest; Batman wouldn’t stand a chance.

 So what now makes me want to see Superman dead?  Well the supposed appearance of Doomsday and the potential of what that can lead to.  In the comics, and in the animated movie, Doomsday “kills” Superman.  The remnants of Superman then morph into evil Supermen.  To be honest, the comic book version and the animated movie differ greatly in their story of what happens to Superman after he dies.  Though I believe the animated version is a lot simpler, and probably more likely to be used in the movie, except for Doomsday being cloned from General Zod (thanks to Lex Luthor).
By following the animated movie version, the actual motion picture series can then have Superman return in his “solar suit.”  And that’s really one of my selfish reasons to want to see Superman die, so he can come back wearing his black suit and using his kryptonite gun.  It would also create a need for the Justice League to unite; in the absence of Superman in battling the evils of Metropolis, and eventually evil Superman or Supermen.

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