Saturday, April 2, 2011

Transformers Ironhide

Even though I was born in the early 80’s I never really felt Transformers were a huge part of my childhood.  I guess it must be because I was still too young to appreciate them.  Especially because there was continuity in the story line, which made it hard to follow if you missed a couple of episodes.  In all honesty saying “not a huge part of my childhood” isn’t really the correct thought I want to express.  I think it’s more of a feeling that there was just too many good TV shows to choose from that you couldn’t be a fan of them all.  I do however remember having a few toys as a child, and even posing for some pictures with them.  There are so many unique things about Transformers that makes them special.  The fact that you can have a toy that can transform into 2 different things (a car and robot) makes it twice as fun.
Reflecting on how much I used to like the toys I decided to pick up a few Transformers when they went on sale.  The toy that caught my eye was Ironhide.  He came packaged in vehicle mode as a truck.  I like how much detail the toy has, which makes it almost identical to the real version of a GMC Topkick truck (I’m a big truck fan).  Once I opened up the packaging, transforming him took longer than what I expected.  I guess people that collect these toys must be pros and just make it look easy when I watch their videos.  Once I had Ironhide in robot mode I didn’t really like him that much.  I hated his head design and especially his feet.  It looked like he had his toenails painted.  I then decided to turn him back to a truck and have him only displayed that way.  While I’m not overly excited about this model, I am glad I still bought him and believe he is a nice addition to my Transformers collection.
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