Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Toronto Blue Jays Jersey

I bought this jersey a couple of days after Alex Rios was traded from the Blue Jays to the Chicago White Sox.  I was never a fan of Rios, so it kinda sucked that I had to get his name on the back.  But I really wanted a Blue Jays jersey, especially a Jays jersey in vintage powder blue.  The jersey is made by Majestic, a company that has made quality MLB jersey’s for years.  I love this jersey because it’s a pullover jersey without any buttons.  It is made from thick polyester, and the logos are ironed on and then stitched.  This feature is great because it is built to last.  I’m glad I picked this jersey up and hope to add a 90’s version of the Blue Jays jersey to my collection one day.

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  1. hey dude.....I was at the game with the bobble heads of R.A. and i have one of the signs from the outside of the Dome. just wondering if you might want it or know anyone who does. email me at


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