Sunday, June 9, 2013

Twas the night before E3 2013

This year’s E3 promises to be one of the best in years.  We’re getting 2 new consoles, and Nintendo will finally reveal new games.  It’s exciting because it will be one of those moments to remember for the rest of your life.  For many new gamers, this will be their first time experiencing a new chapter in gaming history.  For me, the first E3 I remember was just before the Nintendo 64 launched.  That chapter was about experiencing new technologies such as 3D worlds, and rumble controllers.  That E3 was groundbreaking.

The next significant chapters in E3 history were when Microsoft entered the picture, when consoles could connect to the internet, and then when consoles went HD.  Unlike those other revolutionary E3’s, this one many people say won’t have anything groundbreaking.  I disagree with them because now that consoles have gone HD, developers can focus less on trying to make games as realistic as possible, and can instead focus on A.I. and game play.  I also like the variety of consoles we will all be able to choose from.  So here are my thoughts and opinions of the big 3 consoles:

Xbox One
I don’t understand why people are complaining about this console.  Many of the features that people have loved on the Xbox 360 have been solidified in the Xbox 1.  That being a more mature gaming console, offers an awesome internet experience, lets you interact with your media and friends, and is using advanced technologies.  Now suddenly, when the Xbox 1 makes all those things mandatory people get angry.  I picture the Xbox 1 appealing only to adults who are willing to pay for an experience that is advanced.  The type of people that like buying games online, that like playing online, and that want to play the newest games.  I’m not saying Xbox 1 will be perfect, but if people do support it that kind of technology will grow.  I just keep picturing those movies about the future, where a character can interact with everything in his home by just talking with it.  Of course you can also picture it as 1984, with big brother always watching.  This technology can definitely be scary but then again so can cell phones, GPS, and laptops.

Playstation 4
For many people the only consoles that matter are Xbox and Playstation.  This is because they have supported more adult games, have used HD since the past generation, and have made more games throughout their cycle.  But now with Microsoft focusing more on pay-per-use, this is Sony’s time to capture the attention of gamers that don’t want to pay for everything, or rather just want to pay once.  Its’ still too early to say how interactive the PS4 will be with the internet, but if it sticks to that same amount as these current gen consoles, it will separate itself from Xbox 1.  It could essentially be a PS3, but with more technology and easier for developers to work with.  I’m not a fan of their social side, with uploading game play videos, and letting others finish a game for you.  However I do like that you will be able to video chat with someone as you play, and that it will bring new life to the PSVita.  Although I am very hesitant to believe Gaikai will make it a smooth experience to stream games on the go.  Other than that if Sony really sticks to what they say, that they care about gamers, than just focusing on games alone (and not social interaction, wonderbooks, constant pay-per-use) they should appeal to the masses.

Nintendo WiiU
Like I said before many people believe the only consoles that matter are Xbox and Playstation, but I prefer to view them as adult consoles.  With this in mind, the WiiU is still relevant but it is a different kind of console.  It’s a console that appeals to everyone, and should be something every gamer must want to play.  To say that Nintendo isn’t relevant is pure nonsense because the gaming experiences you get from games such as Mario, Zelda, Metroid and StarFox (to name a few) are experiences that you can’t possibly attain in those other consoles.  Nintendo makes games that are innovative, avant-garde, and most importantly fun.  So the way I see it, Nintendo is in a league of their own where no matter what other system you own, you’re going to want to experience a game on the WiiU.  With a more consumer friendly price, it will definitely be a system many people will own solely, or will be their second system in their house.  Of all the consoles at E3, I am most excited about what Nintendo will have to offer, because like most people, I am just waiting for the next Mario or Zelda game to release for me to buy a WiiU.

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