Sunday, July 7, 2013

JP Arencibia Bobblehead

The JP Arencibia bobblehead was a free giveaway at Rogers Centre on Sunday, July 7th, 2013.  20,000 were produced and they came nicely packaged in a box and plastic.  This bobblehead finally honours one of my favorite Blue Jays, Arencibia.  JP is the current catcher and wears number 9.
This is a unique bobblehead for me because JP is in a squatting catcher’s position.  The paintjob is a little better than average for a free giveaway.  You have many details painted on such as his beard, home white uniform with red highlights, silver on the helmet, and even the dirt on the ground has texture.  The bobblehead was made in China by BDA Inc.  To top this day off I was also able to catch a fly ball during the game.  Catching that ball now makes my bobblehead much more significant and memorable for me.
Blue Jays:

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