Sunday, February 16, 2014

Nike SB Gibsons

These sneakers were very controversial when they were released because of the hot pink fur.  I’m not sure which one turned people the most against these sneakers, the fur or the pink.  Either way it was okay with me because it made it easier to buy them.  Though I would never consider buying a pair of sneakers with hot pink fur on the ankle support, this was an exception because it was well executed by Nike SB.  Call me whatever you want, but I’m a sucker for sneakers inspired by other products.
These sneakers were inspired by a vintage Gibson guitar case.  The guitar case would usually have a hard leather shell, with pink fur inside.  This sneaker was released as part of a music series pack.  In my opinion the Gibsons were the best release of this pack.  Beyond the concept of the sneaker, the most important reason I bought these sneakers was because of the leather.  The leather reminded me of the handmade 25th anniversary Air Force 1’s.  The leather on the Gibson’s is soft and luxurious.  Great concept, and quality materials is the reason why Gibsons SB’s have now become a highly sought-after sneaker.
Brand: Nike SB
Name: Gibsons, Gibson Guitar Case
Year: 2008
Product Code: 313170 271
Additional:  Gold Box, Colors by Baravetto
Nike SB:

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