Thursday, March 20, 2014

McDonald’s Poutine

For Christmas 2013, McDonald’s Canada brought back the McDonald’s poutine.  Can you imagine McDonald’s fries getting any tastier than they already are?  Well, McDonald’s brought them to another level by adding gravy and cheese curds to make them poutine.  Of course for me, gravy is not enough because I also like to add ketchup and make a real mess.  The poutine comes in a traditional brown paper box (wax on the inside).  Once you open the box, you will notice that the fries do tend to shrink, and the cheese doesn’t melt that much.  But that’s okay because the poutine tastes amazing, and adds another delicious option to the many varieties of poutine’s we have to choose from in Toronto.  Currently it cost $1.50 to make your fries poutine, and $3.99 by themselves.

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