Friday, November 11, 2016

NES Classic Edition

My most anticipated console of the year released today, the NES classic edition; a.k.a. the Nintendo Mini.  Since stores in Canada weren’t taking any pre-orders and shipments would be limited, I knew I had to wake up early to get one.  I decided to go to a store that is a little drives away from where I live, that not many people know about.  I made it there at 6:30 in the morning.  Thankfully I was the only one, but unfortunately it was also the coldest morning of the season.  No big deal I thought because I was guaranteed a console.  By 7:00 another person arrived and shortly after that the line got bigger.  I know lining up sucks, but I really enjoyed this one because everyone was over 30, and was very friendly; talking about old NES memories.  Time flew after that, and by the time the store opened I was almost sad to part ways with the people I had spoken with.
The NES Mini design packaging is a throwback to the original NES box.  You can tell Nintendo wanted to please their fans by touching as many nostalgic memories as possible, which is something that I love.  The console comes neatly packaged in the box, and comes with very little included besides the console, cords, controller and poster/manual.  While the hype for the NES Mini is large, I feel like only those people who grew up on the NES will truly appreciate this little throwback device.  I love the NES Mini, and I can’t wait to bring back Saturday mornings of Nintendo gaming and cereal.

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