Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dragon Ball begins for me

What a glorious day, for today I start my journey on an epic quest to view all the Dragon Ball series. I like to consider myself a fan of the series; however I never had the chance to watch every episode before. Unlike other animated TV shows, Dragon Ball is a series that follows a continuity storyline from one episode to the next. What made it difficult for me to watch it many years ago was that it was only shown on TV and you had to watch it every day to follow along.

Even when you did watch it every day, the channel that they would air it (YTV in Canada) would not show every episode all at once, and would constantly show repeats. Thankfully the internet has solved this problem by having websites that show every episode. This is convenient because you can follow along from story to story, watch it whenever you want, and can repeat any scene that you would like to watch again. While there are many links to the episodes online, the one that I am going to use is I like it because the episodes are organized neatly, and when you view them they are nice and clear and don’t take much to load. So once again.. I am super psyched about starting this journey and I can’t wait to see them all.

Links to every episode:
Another link:
3rd link:

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