Monday, June 21, 2010

Knorr Sidekicks Shakers

One day while I was shopping at the supermarket I noticed that Knorr had a special offer. If you were to buy 3 Knorr Sidekicks side dish packages you could get a free pair of salt and pepper shakers. All you had to pay for was shipping and handling, which came out to $7.29. The shakers are the same ones that are featured in Knorr commercials. The commercial is about a salt shaker that is sad and walks in the rain because Sidekicks side dish packages now use less salt, so he is no longer needed.
While it does seem like a sad commercial, it is also funny because Michael Bolton’s “how can I live without you” song is played in the background. The shakers took about a month to finally reach me, but they were worth the wait. They are nicely painted and are made in China. The salt shaker has the letter S and the pepper shaker has the letter P, while both carry the Sidekicks logo on the back of their green shirt. I also really liked the packaging box they came in, which features a drawing of each shaker in white on wood paneling. Although they are salt and pepper shakers I don’t plan to use them as such because I would much rather have them displayed as collectables.
Original commercial:


  1. Please I would love to know how to get them ??

  2. Sorry they came out for a limited time, and are no longer available to purchase. I do see them on e-bay from time to time, but they are way overpriced.

  3. Hello I'm from Argentina and I wish to buy the shakers. In my town this promotion is not available. This is my e-mail Please send me a message because I know how to get them. Thank you!


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