Friday, August 6, 2010

Island Way Sorbet

It’s the middle of summer here in Canada and what better way to enjoy the days than with some great ice cream.  This year I am smitten with Island Way Sorbet, an ice cream or rather a sorbet that is made with fruit flavours and comes in a fruit shell.  The box I bought was purchased at CostCo and comes with 4 different flavours.  You can also buy the sorbet individually at certain malls that carry their carts, but they are a little more expensive.
The flavors included in my box are 3 Mango Orange (in an orange skin shell), 3 Lemon (lemon skin shell), 2 Pineapple (pineapple shell), and 2 Piña Colada (coconut shell).  Other flavours that Island Way sorbet comes in are Passion-Orange, Heavenly Coconut, Green Apple, and Delicious Red Apple.  Although the sorbet isn’t diet food, it is still lighter (more than half) than most fatty ice cream you can find at a supermarket.
So it’s pretty much guilt-free ice cream.  My favorite flavour out of the 4 would have to be the pineapple because it is so creamy and yet hits you with this sweet pineapple taste.  I also love how when you’re done eating it, you’re left with this empty pineapple shell and not some Styrofoam cup that you can’t recycle.  This is a wonderful treat if you’re looking to cool down this summer (or at anytime), and I recommend you try it out when you see it.
Island Way Sorbet:


  1. what costco did you go to, and do they still have them??

  2. I went to the one in Markham (65 Kirkham Dr Markham) and I think they only sold them for a limited time this summer. Vaughn Mills does have a place that sells them if you are interested.

  3. Yeah I just found out about the store in vaughan mills, and awww i really wanted to box, but heck I could always go to costco and thanks.


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