Thursday, August 26, 2010

Optimus Prime Papercraft

Recently I’ve been looking to buy a new Transformers toy, more specifically an Optimus Prime.  Optimus isn’t just a good guy, but he’s also the biggest and baddest hero you can find.  This makes him really popular and a toy that many people want to have in their collection.  Unfortunately his popularity also makes his toy really expensive and hard to find.  My local toy store had the 25th anniversary collection version but it was so expensive I decided to look around for a better price.
While I was still looking for an Optimus Prime, I decided to do a papercraft version of him.  This papercraft version of Optimus Prime comes in color, takes up about two pages for the template and one for instructions, and uses rubber or string to attach it all together.  While the actual template might seem a little armature at first, when you are done you will notice how professional it really is and how special this papercraft is compared to others.  What makes it stand out from the rest is that since it is a Transformer, it actually transforms from robot to truck; how cool is that!  This papercraft took me about a couple of days to finish, and I would really recommend it to anyone that loves transformers and wants to have their own Optimus Prime in paper.
Papercraft template link:

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