Friday, September 10, 2010

Force Impulse Gundam: Part 2

So reality came crashing down on me big time when I finally assembled this Gundam model kit.  I had big dreams of wanting to paint it up all nicely like the version on the box, but that was until I came to realize how much time and money would go into doing that.  Time is an issue because I have a very low attention span, and just can’t spare many hours taping this kit up just to paint it.  I also don’t have the dexterity to keep my hand still in order to paint free hand like most people do.  And then there is the money issue; I don’t want to pay for all the paint colors that are necessary to make it look nice.  Even when you do have the right paint, from past failures I have also learned that you need a good air brush compressor to make the paint job look professional.
Although I did realize from the beginning that painting it would take a while, I now acknowledge that “that while” will take longer than what I had anticipated (here’s hoping I find a great deal on paints and an air compressor sometime this century).  But as far as this model kit, I have to say I really enjoyed building it.  Although the instructions are in Japanese, the drawings or diagrams make it real simple to follow.  The joints attach to one another nicely and smoothly once you build them together.  I was surprised by how much of an improvement the model appears when the stickers are added on.  The only negative thing I can say about this model was that the stand that it comes with make’s the Gundam face the ground.  Other than that, I really enjoyed building this kit and highly recommend it to any novice starting out.

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