Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Force Impulse Gundam: Part 1

Talk about getting in over my head, I bought a Gundam model kit set this weekend.  I haven’t done one in years, and I am aware of what these models require to make it look like the box pictures.  Sure you could go at it easy and just build it, add the stickers and leave it as be.  But when I buy these models I buy them because of what the robot looks like on the cover of the box.
I want what I build to look like the box picture; but then reality sinks in and I realize that it won’t be that easy.  However since I am getting back into certain hobbies, in this case model kits, I figure I must start at the bottom.  My first model is the Force Impulse Gundam by Ban Dai.  The pilot of this robot is named Shinn Asuka and the model number is ZGMF-X56S/a.  My intentions are to start off slow and progress with time, and hopefully one day I will be able to paint it.  Here’s hoping it comes looking close to the way it appears on the box, lol.

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