Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Ornaments: Eric Cartman

I have to be honest I’m not a big South Park fan.  I mean I started watching it in the beginning, and was only able to compare it to the Simpsons.  Naturally I didn’t like it, I hated the art work, I hated the storylines, and I hated how offensive it could be.  However I started watching it again a few years ago, when there was nothing else on.  A lot of the stuff that I used to hate about the show were upgraded, the artwork, the storylines, and although they were still very offensive, I found them to be more driven to have a message.
One character from the show which I love and I absolutely hate is Eric Cartman.  He’s racist, sexist, homophobic, mean, and very selfish.  Yet I can’t help but laugh whenever he’s on the show, pair him up with Butters and I’m crying in laughter.  Last year for Christmas I went to my local drug store and noticed they had a Christmas ornament of him.  I didn’t think anyone would buy him, so I waited until after Christmas to buy him when I knew he would be on sale.  Fortunately this decision paid off and I was able to buy him at half price.  The ornament was made in 2009 by American Greetings.  It is a Christmas version of Eric, and he is wearing a blue sweater that features a Christmas tree and some snowflakes.  He also doesn’t have on his beanie which makes him a rare collectable.  From the looks of it, I assume it is made from vinyl.  The paint job isn’t that great, but it still looks amazing on my Christmas tree.  Here’s hoping Eric will make Santa’s ‘nice’ list this year.
American Greetings:

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