Friday, March 4, 2011

Air Jordan III CDP black/cement

In having to describe my feelings towards this sneaker I would say the concept of yin yang is most appropriate.  While there is a lot of good in the sneaker, there is also a lot of bad as well.  To start on a positive note, the good would have to be the release of yet another retro III, especially the black cement version.  That in itself isn’t saying very much for this 2008 retro, because the III is already a beautiful piece of art.  The elephant print, the black tumbled leather, the visible air unit, the Jumpman logo on the tongue, and the silhouette will always combine to make this a masterpiece.
Yet once you start judging this CDP III version and compare it with past releases you can only focus on the negative.   The bad qualities of this version include; a paint job that can crack easily, the substitution of a Jumpman logo on the back heel instead of Nike Air, the down grading of leather, and the outrageous fact that it came as part of a package deal that included a retro pair of disgustingly ugly Air Jordan XX’s.  I sometimes feel awkward criticizing Jordan Brand because it represents so many things that I valued so much when I was a child; and now to even have the chance to own them I should feel grateful.  But I don’t, and I blame it all on how the company is being run today and over the past few years.
The Air Jordan Countdown Packages are a perfect example of how I hate what Jordan Brand has become.  Their sneakers are now over-produced, cheaply made, not true to the original, and poorly constructed.  Unfortunately this has led me to lose my passion for these once beloved sneakers.  But as started in the beginning with the yin yang metaphor, when I do feel less enthusiasm for the brand I try to get back to the positive by focusing on why I still believe Air Jordans are the best sneakers in the world.  I simply lace up a pair I haven’t worn in a while, go outside and enjoy the day.  The sneakers are still very comfortable, and always make a positive statement wherever I go.  Sometimes the best way to get the most out of your sneakers is by wearing them and not focusing on the minor details; that way you’ll always have more white than black in your yin yang passion for sneakers.
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