Saturday, March 26, 2011

Air Jordan III Comparison

If you were to have asked me a few years ago what my favourite Air Jordan sneaker was, I would have said the Air Jordan V.  There were so many things to love about that sneaker, but my favourite feature was how the Jumpman logo would standout against the 3M tongue.  Eventually I was able to get that sneaker again when they were released as a retro.  Like most things I collect, once I have it I start wanting something else that I don’t have.  At that point, I didn’t have a pair of Air Jordan III’s.  So I would spend hours looking at pictures and reading about how it was made.  All this led to a hunger for them that grew stronger every day that I didn’t have them.
Throughout the years I did hear rumours about them re-releasing again, but the years came and went and they never were released.  All of that changed in 2008 when it was finally confirmed and pictures were released of the black cement Air Jordan III.  At last I told myself I would be able to own this pair.  Then when I finally had it in my possession I still wanted more, and so the Air Jordan III true blue was also released.  I was now a very happy man, however I still came back to youtube videos of Michael Jordan at the Slam Dunk competition wearing the white/cement III’s.  Those were now the sneakers that I knew wouldn’t let me sleep until I had them.
So I stayed optimistic and believed that all good things come in three, and so finally out of the blue I read somewhere that the white/cement III’s where a confirmed release for 2011.  What made this release even better was that they would come in an OG box with hangtag and elephant print shoe paper.  When the release day came I was one of the first persons in the sneaker store to buy the III’s.  I then went home and decided to bring out the other two pairs and look at them and compare them to one another. While there are minor differences between the three sneakers, I believe Jordan Brand did an excellent job in all three sneakers.  Finally after years of dreaming and wanting, I was able to have my complete set of my favourite Air Jordan III’s.  But just like the V’s, now that I have my III’s my want for something I don’t have is still there, and so my next goal is to get a pair of Air Jordan cement IV’s.

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