Monday, May 23, 2011

Nike SB SF Giants Dunks

The Nike SB SF Giants Dunk were released summer/fall 2010, however at that point I was occupied with other issues and was unable to buy a pair.  I didn’t even know about this pair until early 2011.  While it would have been nice to buy them as soon as they came out and wear them while watching the San Francisco Giants win the World Series; waiting until later was monetarily beneficial.  Nobody gave these sneakers much hype, so I was able to buy my pair for real cheap.  While I do appreciate buying them cheap, I also loved that the hype was low because most of the Nike SB’s that I own have risen in value over time and so I would be able to wear these without fearing that one day they would be worth more.
Not to say I’m a reseller because I don’t plan on selling mine.  I just look at sneakers as works of art and having them look flawless is my preference.  So I’m usually stuck with this conundrum; how do I wear my sneakers, and yet keep them deadstock in the box?  Of course the easy answer would be to buy two pairs, ‘one to rock and one to stock’.  However I don’t have the funds or the room to do that.  So my solution is to keep the one’s I view as art in the box, and the ones that are still nice but don’t carry any hype, worn on my feet.  The SF Giants Dunks fulfilled my need to still be able to wear a nice pair of sneakers that won’t rise in value.
In all honesty I have been buying Nike SB’s for years but have never worn a pair.  I would just buy my size and then look at them at home and store them in the box after.  I have done this similar ritual with my toy collection where I prefer to see them in mint condition packaging.  So I am now writing this blog entry a few days after having worn them for some time.  My concerns about wearing them before were that they would hurt my feet after wearing them all day.  However these concerns soon dissipated after a few hours of wear because they felt so comfortable.  This comfort is mainly due to the Zoom Air cushioning, the ample amount of space around the toe box and the plush cushioning around the ankle support and tongue.
Sure I do realize that not everyone will come to the same conclusion surrounding this sneaker, but for me the Nike SB Dunk low has felt so comfortable.  Heck, they’re more comfortable than retro Jordan’s (but that’s another subject).  For now I can say that Nike SB Dunks are the only sneakers I want to buy.  Apart from the comfort, these sneakers are also beautiful.  The Dunk provides such a vast pallet for colours and materials that unique interpretations by designers can seem endless.  The SF Giant Dunks were designed by Shawn Baravetto; Nike SB’s Footwear Product Line Manager.
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