Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Toronto High Park Sakura Trees

Around this time last year I was watching the news at noon when I noticed that the weatherman was on location at some park.  I really love this part of the news because the weatherman visits many different places around the city and helps shine a light on these places so that people can get interested in visiting.  Well on that day it worked for me because the weatherman was at High Park, and was showing the cherry blossom trees at Hillside Gardens.  The trees bloom for only a limited number of days before the blossom goes away.  Unfortunately by the time I was available to go visit, it was too late because the blossoms had fallen.  So I was determined to visit the following year.
Well today was the day that I finally made it to High Park.  It was a perfect day because the weather was nice, the sun was shining and a scattered breeze allowed for the blossom petals to give a snow fall affect.  The advantage of visiting in the morning also allowed for better pictures because as the day wore on, more people started to arrive and the park seemed crowded.  While I’m not a professional photographer, or even have the right camera the beauty of the landscape still allowed me to take amazing pictures.  As far as I know the cherry trees (Somei-Yoshino) were a present from the citizens of Tokyo and they were first planted back in 1959.  While it is expected to rain this weekend and will cause most of the blossoms to fall off, I am grateful I was able to experience this natural beauty this year.
High Park:


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