Friday, June 3, 2011

Medieval Times Toronto

I’ve always wanted to go to Medieval Times.  The first time I learned about it was when I saw the movie The Cable Guy.  In it there is a scene where Jim Carrey does battle with (that guy that used to be cool but is now a nerd) Matthew Broderick.  My first reaction to that scene was, ‘hey I want to do that!’  Unfortunately just like my dream to fight a monkey with a pocket knife, Medieval Times won’t allow me to battle a friend in knight armour.  While not a total disappointment, Medieval Times still gets a thumbs up from me because they still showcase other people fighting with swords.
I took advantage of a recent half price deal and went to a show with a couple of friends.  The show itself is very entertaining and educational.  I got to see horses (which didn’t smell from where I was sitting), a hawk that flew around, some kind of medieval sports tournament, and some awesome sword fights.  My favourite part from Medieval Times was that I got to see the entire show while eating chicken with my fingers.  The food isn’t anything special, but being able to watch a live show and be served by a friendly wait staff really made the trip enjoyable.  The show is very educational, exciting, and both adults and children will have fun.
Medieval Times:

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