Monday, June 27, 2011

Transformers Vault

Title: Transformers Vault: The Complete Transformers Universe - Showcasing Rare Collectibles and Memorabilia
Author: Pablo Hidalgo
Publisher: Abrams
I’ve said it numerous times on this blog, that I am a newbie when it comes to Transformers.  Although I did watch them as a child, only until recently have I become interested in them again.  I started off watching a few episodes on DVD a few years ago and those brought back a lot of memories.  I also started buying the toys, though I prefer displaying them in auto mode.  However I was still confused about the whole story behind the franchise, so I decided one day to go online and read up on them.  This didn’t go very well because there were pages and pages of stuff to read that was all confusing.  As a result I gave up, and just stuck to watching a few TV episodes at a time and buying a toy once in a while as well.
Then one day I went online and discovered that someone had written a book about the entire franchise that contained many cool features and that was an easy read.  The book is called ‘Transformers Vault’ and is written by Pablo Hidalgo.  The book comes in a protective hard cover, features great art work, the writing is informative (gets to the point) and brief, and best of all it covers the entire franchise from where the Transformers started to the animated TV series, comics, toys, and even movies.  I bought my copy on sale, and with all the goodies it comes with I would definitely recommend it to anyone that loves the Transformers.

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