Sunday, September 18, 2011

ThunderCats Classic Lion-O

This has been the toy I have been waiting for more than 20 plus years to re-release.  The last time I had a Lion-O figure was when I was in daycare and my figure got stolen on the playground.  It’s funny because I was so young to even understand the concept of stealing.  I just knew someone had taken it from where I had placed it, and I never saw it again.  I didn’t even cry, though I was sad.  Now looking back I guess I can say it was because my childhood was driven by my imagination and not the material goods I had.  In other words it’s how I played with the toys that made it fun, and not the actual toys themselves.
I still live my life like that, by making the best out of what I have.  Buying toys now as an adult, is only a reminder to me of that philosophy.  They bring me comfort by reminding me of my childhood.  Though this new Classic retro model of Lion-O isn’t the same replica of the original, I’m still happy Bandai updated this figure.  I like it because it now comes with so much more articulation, making it easier to pose for pictures.  The paint is really nice and clean and uses bright colours that stand out.  Most noticeable of this update is the face sculpt which is amazing to look at.  The accessories that this toy comes with are a sword, dagger, claw shield, and extra hands.
One thing I must admit to is that I am also a mint in box collector so I won’t be opening this figure up (unless I buy another Lion-O).  Making it easier to keep him in the box is the clear packaging; so I am able to look at the figure in a nice display.  I don’t really have anything negative to say about the figure except that from other reviews I have noticed the sword is a little flimsy.  Other than that it’s still a wonderful toy, and I am very excited to own it again.  Now when it rains outside and I hear thunder, I can proudly sing the “thunder, thunder, thunder, ThunderCats song.”
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