Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nike Air Force 1 Papercraft

The Nike Air Force 1 papercraft is a very special papercraft for me because it’s the one that triggered my interest into papercraft as a hobby.  I love it because it mixes my love for sneakers with the joy of constructing something from paper.  The template was created by Shin, who is also a sneaker head and has done various other papercrafts.  The best part of this build is that it only requires one sheet of paper, so it’s really easy to do.  First off what you want to do is cut each piece individually neatly.  Trust me the cleaner your cut, the better the final product will look.
You might want to cut out two copies of this template because it can get a little confusing.  That is unless you follow my video and see which pieces are glued on to one another first.  After I cut each piece I also like to fold the creases so that once they’re glued you won’t have to do it.  Once the major pieces are constructed the final piece is the laces.  I like to take my time here by cutting and gluing each string individually.  When it’s complete it gives it a nice 3D look to them.
If someone were to ask me what is the best papercraft to start with, I would say this is an absolute must.  It’s not easy, but the final product is so rewarding.  While, Shin has done many other shoes since then, this is still his best work.  I’m still hoping though, that one day he might want to do a Nike SB model as well.  If not, I will attempt to create one myself.... err... but don’t hold your breath, lol. Till then I will keep doing this same model, but in different colors.
Nike Air Force 1 template:


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