Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Twins Enterprise The Franchise

I wanted to start posting my hat collection on here, so I’ve decided to start with the hat that started it all for me; The Franchise made by Twins Enterprise.  It was around the mid 2000’s when I first discovered the hat.   Before that I owned a couple New Era fitted’s but I never wore them much.  I wasn’t much of a hat guy because I never felt comfortable with how they looked on me.  Yet in the back of my mind I dreamed of what the perfect hat would look like; it would be preppy in style, the body would be canvas-like material and the brim would be easy to bend.  I also dreamed that it would be a Yankees hat, because I loved New York at the time (the city not the team, lol).
Then one day I was walking around the mall when I discovered the hat that I was dreaming of inside of a hat store (Hat World).  Not only was it better than what I had been dreaming of, but it also looked good on me and felt comfortable.  The only problem was the price, retail was $32 Canadian.  I had never paid that much for a hat, so I had to pass on buying it.  Yet, when I met up with my dad and I told him about the hat, he immediately gave me the money and told me to go buy it.  I practically flew to the store to buy the hat because I wanted it so bad.
Ever since that day I have loved the Franchise hat, and have been an avid collector of the style.  However, this first hat is the most meaningful hat in my collection not only because it’s the most comfortable hat in the world, but also because my dad bought it for me.  And even though it is now torn, dirty and stinks it will always be my favourite hat.
Brand: Twins Enterprise (’47, ’47 Brand)
Style: The Franchise
Team: New York Yankees
Additional: Made in China, 100% Cotton
Twins Enterprise (no longer available)
’47 Brand:

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