Monday, April 16, 2012

Disappearance Diary

Title: Disappearance Diary
Writer: Hideo Azuma
Art Work: Hideo Azuma
Publisher: Ponent Mon
I wasn’t too excited about reading this manga when I first picked it up.  The drawings were very basic, and almost childish.  But then I started reading it and I soon developed a different opinion of the book.  It wasn’t a book for children, but a book about dealing with depression.  As the back cover says’ it is a book that takes a positive outlook on life.  This is why the artist, Hideo Azuma decided to draw in this cartoonish style.  He wanted to tell his story (the years he spent dealing with depression), in a way that wouldn’t scare away potential readers.
I find that when we focus on the bad things in life, we can potentially ruin our future.  Thinking about those bad experiences can prevent us from going out into the world and trying to grow as persons.  For Azuma, Disappearance Diary must have been a liberating experience.  To let go of the past, and also tell it in a way that isn’t as harmful.  Once you are fully entrenched in the book, you will soon love his artwork as well.  It just seems to express his emotions and experiences clearly.  The book is divided into three parts, each representing different years in his life, from living on the streets to being locked up in an alcoholic ward.  My favourite part though, would have to be the first part called ‘walking at night’.  Just based on this first part, I highly recommend this book.

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