Sunday, April 1, 2012

He-Con and the 80s Toy Expo

I finally made it out to another toy expo after a few years absent.  This year’s expo was called He-Con and was part of the Canadian 80’s Toy Expo.  I usually am unable to go to one because they are either too far away or I am busy doing other things.  This year though, the Expo was held close to where I live and while I was also busy, I still made time to go.  This Expo happened on Sunday, April 1st, 2012 and was held at the Sheraton Parkway hotel.
Unfortunately I arrived a few hours late, and I had to go through the whole place in a hurry.  I brought my camera as well because I wanted to film my excursion.  The link to the video is below in case you would like to see it.  I wanted to make it seem (the video) like anyone that hasn’t been to a show, would get a pretty good impression on what it’s like to go to one.  I didn’t do a lot of editing because my battery was dying as well, so what I showed was basically what I filmed.  If not for the battery I would have shown more toys, and cool things.
Some of the highlights of this Expo were that I was able to buy a Superman toy from the mid 80’s that I used to own.  I saw some really great art work from Matt Moylan, who does lil’ formers.  I was also able to meet a lot of friendly toy dealers and convention followers and have great conversations with them.  So F.Y.I., in case you can’t find any friends to go with for the next convention, going by yourself is still guaranteed a good time.
He-Con and the 80s Toy Expo:

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