Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Yoshi Toy

I have to start off with admitting that I hate Yoshi in video games.  Well, as far as the games that I have played with him go; Yoshi’s Story (N64), Yoshi’s Island (DS), Super Mario 64 (DS), and yes even in Super Mario World (SNES).  I just find controlling him to be very frustrating and complicated.  I understand that Miyamoto wanted every character to be unique in abilities, but Yoshi’s abilities suck.  I mean I hate how he is slow, and how he doesn’t quite jump high enough (so fluttering in games is pointless if you can’t reach a level).  Nevertheless I still like Yoshi because he is so cute (awww).
I had already bought the Mario figure from the Banpresto toy line for Super Mario figures, so of course I also had to get a Yoshi figure.  From all the figures that released, Yoshi has to be my favorite.  He has the most articulation, his legs, arms, and head move.  I also love the sculpt that was used, he just seems so unique from the rest.  My only complaint about this figure, which is really more about the company that made him (Banpresto), is that the paint job is terrible.  But despite that I am glad that I have this figure in my collection.  If only this figure came with a green-spotted egg.

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