Friday, March 9, 2012

Peter Griffin

I initially started hating Family Guy when it first aired on TV.  My reason was because it was another animation series that was trying to copy the Simpsons.  Take for instance it was based on a family, the father was crazy and dumb, they had a baby, and many of the episodes had the same storyline as the Simpsons.  My sentiments were shared by many people and so no one watched the show and it eventually got cancelled.  But then something strange happened; The Simpsons started to decline in humour and people started watching Family Guy reruns.  I was part of this growing movement, and eventually the show started to become everyone’s favourite cartoon series.  The show was just what the Simpsons were lacking: edgy humour that had fresh and original stories.
A few years later, Mezco Toyz came out with the Family Guy toy line.  I wasn’t really collecting toys back in 2004, and most people I knew never did it as well.  One day I walked into a novelty store and was checking out the clearance section when I noticed that they had a Peter Griffin toy.  I loved the show by then, and at half off for the toy I couldn’t pass on buying it.  It’s funny how most of my toy collection has grown with purchases that I simply bought and never opened.
Like most Mezco toys, the sculpt is incredibly accurate to the cartoon, it just looks like Peter Griffin.  The accessories included are a TV remote, lampshade head, beer can, and a Mr. Zucchini Head.  I am impressed with Mezco because they seem to really care about adding these small details in their toy lines, almost as if they were fans themselves.  The paint job is also really nice, and the packaging allows me to show it off mint on card (a feature I appreciate).  Please note that the version I have is from the first release, and that Mezco has since reissued this toy as part of their Family Guy classic series.  There was also a variant version of this toy released (I think his eyes were looking in a different direction).  This is a great toy and I highly recommend getting it for your collection.
Mezco Toyz:

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