Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Polo Teddy Bear Painting

I have been a fan of Polo Ralph Lauren since the early 90’s when I first started caring about how I dressed.  Before that it was grade school, when all I wore was sweat pants and sweaters.  But then one day I saw a magazine ad that featured Polo, and when I saw the pony logo I knew I had to get a shirt.  Needless to say many years later, I am still a fan and will continue to be one for many years to come.
So what is it about the brand that I like so much?  Well I think it’s because it’s marketed in a way that creates a great fantasy lifestyle.  For this lifestyle Polo provides everything from underwear, shirts, jeans, dress suits, wall paint, cologne, sports gear, doggie gear, high end gear (purple label), etc.  Other reasons I like the brand are because it’s good quality at decent prices, and because it’s a classic style that will still look good in the future.
Recently I purchased some new wool sweaters I had been wanting for years, especially the grey heather with maroon pony.  A few years ago I saw a girl wearing the exact same one (probably her boyfriend’s), and it looked so luxurious that I have wanted one ever since.  This purchase actually inspired me to do a Polo themed painting.  I decided to choose their famous Polo Teddy Bear.  Like most of my paintings I work on a limited budget with dollar store items.
Unfortunately I don’t own any shirts with the bear, so I had to print out pictures online.  Most of the images have this almost watercolor effect, so I tried to give my painting the same effect with acrylics.  I wanted to add stripes as well, but my early attempts at adding them didn’t look so good so I didn’t include them.  Overall this was a fun project to do, and I’m very satisfied with the end results.  I have now framed this painting, and it looks really classy on my wall.


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