Friday, June 22, 2012

Nintendo NES Console

A few months ago a friend of mine came over to watch some movies.  He brought his external hard drive so we could choose a movie to watch from his collection.  When he came in he handed me his hard drive, and I was amazed that it was a NES cartridge.  I hadn’t seen a Nintendo game in years, and his hard drive brought back memories.  The link below should take you to 8-Bit Memory, the website that sells the NES hard drives. 
As the days passed by, I had one thing on my mind: I needed to have an original NES back in my life.  I didn’t have a large video game collection when I was a kid, but the games that I did have I played for hours.  So for nostalgia reasons, I went on E-Bay to buy a console.  I also thought that as more NES cartridges become recycled into something new, that NES games would become more difficult to find and expensive so now was the perfect time to buy it.
The Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES was my second video game console.  My first video game console was the Atari.  I remember I had three games which were Donkey Kong, Mouse Trap, and Asteroids.  I would play those games for hours, and never felt bored that each level was the same level, only in a faster mode.  Then in the late 80’s I finally got a Nintendo, and I played that even longer because my first game was Super Mario Bros.  That game was amazing because it had graphics I had never seen before, the levels were all different and colorful, and it was an easy game that was very enjoyable to play.
I paid a little more than what I wanted to pay on E-Bay for this new NES.  But considering it was in a good condition, and that it came with a lot of accessories, manuals and a game, I don’t regret the deal that I got.  As soon as I plugged it in, I started to play and it was like I never stopped playing because I remembered all the tricks to how to play it well.  Of course I was a little rusty, but I still had fun.  I now plan to collect more NES games, but at the same time be patient and buy them at a cheaper price.  I am extremely happy that I finally have a NES again, and this time I promise to never let it go again.
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