Friday, June 1, 2012

Lego Super Heroes Batman Superman

Ever since I started playing Lego video games I have been a fan of Legos.  The first game I played was Lego Batman, and I played that game for hours.  It has many of the things I love in a video game; it can be simple or difficult (depending on what you want to accomplish), it has cool and cute graphics, it’s fun to play so it doesn’t get boring, and Lego is able to combine many of the pop-culture genres and movies that I like (Batman, Star Wars, Indiana Jones).   The ideas are endless as to what other games they might come up with, but I would love something like Lego Back to the Future, Lego Pulp Fiction (I’m dreaming, lol), and Lego the A-Team.
As I was playing Lego Batman I got the urge to buy some Lego minifigures of Batman.  I went online to look for some but unfortunately they had come out a few years earlier and were now very expensive.  I wanted to kick myself because a couple years ago I had seen the Batman sets on clearance and I passed on them.  Fortunately as time passed I was online one day and read the news that Lego was going to re-release Lego Batman, and other Marvel and DC Superheroes as minifigures.  That made my day, and I couldn’t wait to collect them all.
Lego Superheroes officially released in early 2012, and the first characters I bought were Batman and Superman.  Batman is featured in a grey and blue costume, while Superman has a regular blue, red and yellow costume.  Both Batman and Superman have two faces, so you can pose them however you like, and they both come with capes.  I didn’t want to buy the whole set for each character, so I bought them separately online.  I highly recommend these figures, they are top quality and stand out pretty nice on a desk.

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