Monday, May 28, 2012

Megatron Papercraft

This is my second Transformers papercraft, the first one was of Optimus Prime.  I loved that papercraft because he was actually able to transform from robot mode to auto mode.  Unfortunately Megatron doesn’t transform into a gun, so he’s always in robot mode.  Not that this makes a failure, but it just would have been nice to see him transform.  Megatron does come with some cool features such as a removable cannon and a classic 80’s look.
This papercraft requires two sheets of paper, one for instructions and the other one is the template.  To create him you will need scissors, glue and string.  The instructions are pretty easy to follow, and he is fun to build.  Megatron is such a cool villain, and if you’re going to make Optimus Prime you also have to make Megatron (and once you make him, be sure to squash him).
Papercraft template link:

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