Friday, May 4, 2012

Edmonton Oilers Jersey

A couple months ago I decided to finally get an Edmonton Oilers jersey.  I have wanted one for years because I love the colors on the jersey and it was such a prestigious team back in the 80’s.  I went to my local sports store to find the jersey but was surprised by how expensive retail for the jersey was ($134.99 plus tax).  I thought I could get it much cheaper online so I bought one from e-bay for real cheap.  Two weeks later it arrived and as soon as I opened the package I knew something was wrong.  The stitching was lousy, it smelled awful, the tags were blurry, it had a fight strap that seemed flimsy, and it was made in China.
Luckily I was able to return the fake jersey and got my money back.  I didn’t want to take any more chances, so I went to the sports store again.  I pick my jersey, and when I went to go pay I found out that it was on sale so I bought it for much less.  This has now become one of my favorite jerseys because I bought it on sale, and it’s really good quality.  I bought a size medium because it fits great, and looks slim on me.  Especially with a hockey jersey, I don’t want to be wearing something that will be heavy and annoying to wear.
This is a Reebok premier jersey that was used by the Oilers between 2008-2011.  I know this because I went to the website and found out that between those years that jersey featured the Reebok crosscheck logo (the newer version after 2011 just used ‘reebok’).  The version I have is the team’s third jersey that was used as an alternate home jersey.  It is very similar to the royal blue and orange version used between 1981-1995.  I love this version because it is very retro and reminds me of the version ‘the great one’ used.
The jersey is made of a heavy polyester fabric and features solid mesh inserts for ventilation. The front crest Oilers logo is embroidered and stamped on, but I kind wish it was also stitched on.  Other features I love about this jersey are the use of polyester material on the elbows, and the NHL shield patch that is sewn on the front neckline.  I loved this shield so much that its one of the reason I bought this version.   Reebok has impressed me with the quality and design of this jersey, and I definitely recommend it to anyone one else that is interested in buying a jersey from them.
Oilers Jersey:


  1. Great to hear you like the jersey so much. It is pretty awesome.

    1. Yeah its my favorite hockey jersey


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