Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Avengers

This summer, the one movie I wanted to see most of all has been Batman.  My growing anticipation started 2 years ago when pictures of the actors in costumes started to appear online.  Then a few months later the trailer was released and the nerd in me exploded with excitement.  As more trailers, pictures and news were released I took the decision to stop cold turkey, and wait until the movie came out.  I didn’t want to know about any more spoilers, so since that time I have turned away wherever something new appeared.

In focusing only on the Dark Knight Rises, I unintentionally ignored the new Avengers movie.  This was a decision that I now believe was worth it because after seeing the movie I have to say it blew my mind.  I thought this movie was fantastic and that coming into it without knowing any spoilers made it much more enjoyable.  The story was great, the jokes were funny, the action was entertaining, and the actors were exceptional.  There wasn’t one single thing I hated about this movie.  Unlike a Michael Bay film, that has so many parts that make it cheesy, the Avengers was a thrill ride from beginning to end.

I have to give credit to Robert Downey Jr. first for making a superhero like Iron Man appealing.  I never thought he (Iron Man) could be a popular superhero until he (Downey Jr.) made the first movie.  He brought excitement to the role, and was responsible for getting the ball rolling in the Marvel franchise (I also have to acknowledge Jon Favreau).  Before him I hated superhero movies like the X-men, Batman Forever/& Robin, Daredevil, Superman Returns, and many more.  The first Iron Man film illustrated the formula for a great superhero picture; an actor that fits the role (i.e. that is likable) + graphics that are outstanding and realistic + a story that is easy to understand and follow + staying faithful to the actual comic book heroes + building continuity from one movie to the next = a box office winner that the fans and general public will like.

I saw the Avengers in 3D AVX, and while it was much more expensive I think you have to treat yourself to a film like this once in a while.  There’s something that makes the movie better when you go to a theater that is packed, put your 3D glasses on, and munch on some really expensive popcorn.  I swear this was the first film I have been to in a while that the audience laughed out loud, cheered, and clapped at the end.  Like most people, I will probably see it again once it comes out on DVD.  The best part of the film was that it ended with a clip that hints at a sequel, so I can’t for that.

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