Friday, September 28, 2012

Boston Red Sox Beckett Jersey

I picked this jersey up during the Labour Day long weekend when clearance items had an extra discount on a website that I shop from.  I was excited because they had a Josh Beckett jersey in stock.  I have been a fan of his ever since he won the World Series back in 2003 with the Marlins.  That series was extra special because he also beat the Yankees.  Becket was impressive in pitching two games in that series.
Although I’m not a fan of the Red Sox either, I still respect their greatness in baseball history.  While their use of math and statistics based on Bill James’ sabermetrics has brought them success in the past, this year the Red Sox haven’t been so lucky.  This awful season was the cause of Boston trading Beckett to the Dodgers.  Lucky for me though it also meant I could pick up his jersey for really cheap.
This is a Majestic replica jersey, and it’s made out of polyester.  I bought it in an extra large because I prefer more space around the collar.  Replica jerseys tend to be on the lower end as far price, so there aren’t many details on the jersey besides the team and players name.  My only complaint about my jersey is that some of the stitching wasn’t done very well, so eventually I might have to re-stitch those areas in the future.  Other than that, this is an excellent jersey from Majestic.

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